Friday, January 31, 2014

Cutting for Two Part Hexie Blocks

Parting with scraps is so hard. No matter how small, I can't seem to throw them away. Time for scrap busting!

So I drafted this pattern creating two part hexies in a variety of sizes. And now some of those scraps can be put to good use!

Organizing my hexie blocks by size

It's obviously an easy pattern, but I love not having to cut exact strips to get started. Can't wait to get sewing and see how these little babies turn out :)  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paper Piecing Love with Log Cabin Hexies

For some reason, I always come back to paper piecing. Probably because it's way more fun to start sewing than tediously cut perfect strips and triangles. Paper piecing makes me feel like a pro because everything always comes out awesome. Well, at least awesome for my skill level :)

My first quilt ever was a log cabin design. And with my latest obession, hexies, why not do them log cabin style? So off I went to draft some patterns...exactly what I was looking for. 

4" Pieced Hexie

Alternate fabrics for another 4" hexie

5" Pieced Hexie

Truth be told, cutting is my LEAST favorite part of quilting. Okay, I absolutely loathe it. But for some reason, it is thrilling to see the pieces added one-by-one on the paper template. It's like a little gift being revealed before your eyes.

My drafted pattern - yup, it's 25 pieces in a 6" block 

Turn the 6" pattern over and look what you find!

Ever felt like you just needed time to play? That's exactly how I feel. Like it's time to experiment and make some fun little blocks. 

If you'd like to take a try at my hexie pattern, it's available for digital download in my Esty shop.  And now I'm off to start some different hexies! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Charity Quilts 01 and 02 ~ Piecing Blocks

So far, all the individual rectangles for my charity quilts are done, finito! About 1/3 have been sewn together into the 3 piece blocks below. Once all the rectangles are sewn into 3 part blocks, I'll decide on placement and sew them all together.

Here's a sneek peek at a couple of finished blocks in each colorway, red and purple:

The weather has been really cold this week, keeping the kids indoors. So not as much time to sew. Can't wait for warmer weather!

{The pattern/tutorial for this quilt is available here}

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring Dresses for the Mini Divas ~ Easter Maybe?

Are you itching to get a a head start on some Spring clothing? I am! After going through my pattern drawers, it became evident that Madeline has aged-out of most my pattern stash. At 7, her taste has evolved and she's picking out more mature clothing.

Aren't these perfect for her? Major crush on the asymmetrical, ruffled neckline on the far right pattern!

McCalls Patterns Left to Right -- 6787, 6275, 6546

Just to be sure, Madeline gave the thumbs up or thumbs down. As you can see, Madeline prefers dresses and tunics with leggings. Tailored waistbands are a no-no! Anything too fussy is a no-no!

Unless the fussiness is ruffles. She does love her some ruffles. Which brings us to this lovely pattern, with ruffles of course. It's my absolute fave ~ Easter dress maybe?

So cute I had to buy in Sophie's size too

I'm thinking the long halter {View C} for Madeline's Easter dress and the ruffled collar {View A} for Sophie, age 3. Each dress needs 2-3 yards of fabric.

Oh, snap! No cuts that big in my stash. Guess I'll just have to head to my favorite shops for some new goodies to play with :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Front Pieced ~ Cat in the Hat Quilt

My daughter Madeline is thrilled to see that the front of her Cat in the Hat quilt is pieced. This is such a happy quilt, I can't help but smile every time I see it :)

Wonky strips are so reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, don't you think?

This quilt is the third blankie incarnation. The first blankie was a blue velvet/satin blanket my sister gifted Madeline as a baby. Blue blankie was loved until it was overrun with holes, but even then Madeline didn't want to give it up.

I begged and begged her to let me make her a new blankie. She would not budge, just could not imagine parting with her treasured blue blankie. We ended up compromising. She would let me throw away blue blankie on two conditions.

First, a non-holey scrap had to be sewn on the new quilt. And two, new blanket had to be finished by bedtime. No pressure, right? That led to a really simple pattern, but a super happy kid. And a super happy momma. No more holey blue blankie!

Well, now it's later and second blankie has gotten old, threadbare, and too small. I'm guessing she'll want that old scrap of blue blankie on this quilt too. At least now she's older and doesn't expect the whole thing to be done in a few hours :)

Now, time to piece the back...